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Male torso candle handmade in our home studio in London.

Monsieur is made from vegetable wax, organic cotton wicks and our premium vegan fragrance oil which make these candle completely Sustainable and vegan.

All our candles are hand poured With love and care which might cause some minor imperfections but that is the reason to its uniqueness since no product would be the exact same.

Monsieur is also offered in variety of colours and fragrances but we also offer a non fragranced version of Monsieur to make it an Ideal candle to burn around people with allergies or sensitivities to anything other than soy.

We love displaying our candles as decoration, however if you'd like to burn them we recommend placing them on a small dish as the wax melts and can stick to other surfaces.

Burning time: for about 1.5 hour.

Delivered in 100% recycled packaging.

Please allow up to one week for despatch.

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