Our Story

Meet Anahita Yahyaei, Founder of IRSIA

IRSIA's Founder; Anahita Yahyaei

 "The thought of creating candles that give amazing aroma, improves mood and are aesthetically beautiful came to me while I was at my last year of University, studying Fashion communication and marketing in Barcelona. 

I had troubles sleeping and I would feel very low on energy and many times anxious. I witnessed a massive increase in these emotions once the Pandemic Lockdowns started.
It was when I became desperate to find a solution, the helpless feeling in me made me to start educating myself, after much researching and testing I finally came across the most natural solution; Aromatherapy. 
I started to study more about the incredible science of aromatherapy, I researched and educated myself about the topic then started to mix different flavours of essential oils to use them for myself. After awhile my roommate and later my friends started to notice the aroma in my flat and asked me to create similar candles for them.
That's how I got inspired to create a brand and share the secret of me surviving 4 months of full lockdown while writing a thesis in my tiny room.

I love what I make and I hope you would love them too "