Frequently asked questions

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care instructions

Do I need to follow any guide before burning the candles?

technically - yes If you wish to burn our statement candles we recommend placing them on a small dish as the wax melts and can stick to other surfaces.

Please trim the wick every time before burning for a smooth aroma and burn. 

As we use 100% natural wax sometimes our candles can have a slight frost over the surface, to remove this just gently smooth your finger or a cloth over the surface in a circular motion. This is very common in natural candles and doe snot mean there is something wrong with the wax, it just means it is completely natural.


Please consider due to covid-19 New measures there might be delays in delivering your order which is completely out of our control. And it’s fully dependent on the courier service. 

is international shipping available? 


how do you pack your pieces to ensure they arrive safe?

a lot of time and care goes into packing each piece. every item is protectively wrapped in both bubble wrap and tissue paper ( which are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable)  and packed tightly into a box filled with biodegradable fillers. we are constantly sending our products all over the world and have had no issue with breakages. 


what if my piece arrives broken? 

In the unlikely event of your piece arriving broken or damaged please email with pictures. once a confirmation email is sent back to you a returns shipping label will be sent to you and your piece will be replaced. 

do you accept returns or refunds? 


if your piece however arrives broken or damaged you are able to return it for a replacement. 

*please note that we are not responsible for any stolen or missing packages*